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Auspicious Vedic Chants For Pregnancy (MP3) - Ojas Life Energy For the Expectant Mother - Sri Tatwamasi Dixit

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Motherhood and Pregnancy is a great rewarding experience for the ladies. As the child grows in her womb the woman achieves a sense of joy and fulfillment.
The modern medical research shows that the physical and emotional feelings and experiences of a pregnant lady do have and impact on the child in the womb.
Reciting, or even listening, to the Vedic mantras is a great boon to the body, mind and soul. The soothing vibrations refresh, rejuvenate and enhance all the physical, mental and spiritual faculties. That is the reason why, in traditional Indian families, the pregnant ladies are advised to read or recite scriptures and Stotras like Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatam, Vishnu Sahasranama, Lalita Sahasranama, Sri Rudram etc. They give good health, serenity and peace to the mother and the energy of the mantras during this formation stage will help the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of the child in the womb and afterwards also.
There are also several specific mantras in the Vedas for the expectant mother and the child. Reciting or listening to them daily is considered highly auspicious.

Summary of the Verses:

Part 1:
Invocation to Lord Ganesha to eliminate all obstacles.
Prayers to Lord Agni
May my husband and I be blessed with long life, good children and integration of our body mind and soul. May my relationship with my husband continue without a break, not only in this birth, but also in my future births. May we be blessed with a good child.

Part 2:
Prayer to Lord Agni - May I see my children healthy and happy. My house should be full of auspicious things. Goddess Subhalakshmi (wealth earned through righteous means) should reach me. May I be a good Grihastha (householder) providing love, affection, devotion, courtesy and hospitality to every one. Bless us with a long life.
Prayer to Surya - Bless us with blazing intelligence.

Part 3:
Prayer to Lord Agni - Be present in my uterus and strengthen my uterus and my unborn child.. May my unborn child develop into a good and courageous child. Bless my child and its father.

Part 4:
Prayer to Lord Agni - Bless us with good children, a house and a long and healthy life.
Prayer to Lord Indra - May the delivery be safe for the child and the mother.
Prayer to Lord Vishnu - Let the unborn child reside safely in my womb for the right period of time.
Prayer to Soma (Moon) - Provide power and capacity to hold the child in the uterus.
Prayer to Twashta (Architect) - Create a beautiful child.

Part 5: Prayer to Agni and Devas - Give me and my children longevity. Let me receive love from the Universe. Let all my needs and desires be fulfilled.

Part 6: Bless me with positive energy to have healthy and well formed children.

Part 7: Prayer to the seasons - Vasantham, Grishmam, Varsha, Sharath, Hemantham and Shishiram performed Eka Dasha Rathra Yagyam and were blessed with good children. Those who listen to these Mantras will be blessed with good and healthy children.

Part 8: Prayer to Lord Indra, Lord Agni and Soma - Make my womb a safe haven for my unborn child.
Prayer to Lord Indra - Fulfill all my desires, bless my child with strength and may my child use the strength only for good.
Prayer to Lord Dhata - Bless me and my child with Sakala Sowbhagyam: faith, knowledge, fame, intelligence, prosperity, strength, longevity, charisma and health.
Prayer to Soma and Raka Devi - The omniscient Devi should destroy the negative Karma and bless me with a powerful child who will live in a Dharmic way, with positive thoughts and Sowbhagya (good fortune).

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